Update: Veins LTE has now its own website: floxyz.at/veins-lte

I wanted to write this post a bit earlier, but did not have the time/motivation - but better a bit late than never!

Since roughly 16 months I am working now towards a PhD in Computer Science. I joined the CCS Group to work on topics related to vehicular networking. At first my focus was on so called Virtual Traffic Lights (a continuation of my Master Thesis) but soon my focus switched to Heterogeneous Vehicular Networking.

Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks

A lot of research is done to use the WLAN standard IEEE 802.11p in vehicular environments (somewhat similar to the Wi-Fi you use at home, without a base station like your router). This leads to some problems -- for example if not every car is equipped with such a technology, how does a message reach its destination?) Using only a cellular network, like for example LTE, does probably neither work because there will be too many users -- especially if cars periodically exchange position messages (we are talking a few times per second). One solution to these problems could be a heterogeneous approach:

  • Use a wirless network (probably based on IEEE 802.11p) to communicate with the cars around you.
  • Use LTE to communicate with cars further away or to easily access services in the Internet.
Veins LTE

There exist tools for simulating IEEE 802.11p (also in mobile environments) and there are tools for simulating LTE. Still there are (close to) no (free/open source) tools to simulate both together. Therefore I spent the first part of my PhD on integrating the SimuLTE framework (for LTE) into Veins (a vehicular networking simulator). Last December I finally released version 1.0 and presented my work at the Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2014). So what can Veins LTE do?

  • Simulation of LTE and IEEE 802.11p
  • Simulation of car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure (C2X) communication.
  • Based on the well established Veins and OMNeT++ frameworks which allow (rather) simple building of simulations.

If you are interested, go grab it here: Github Link.
If you have any questions contact me via hagenauer[AT]ccs-labs[DOT]org or via Twitter: @floxyz_.